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Women Power

“Feminism isn’t about making women strong.
Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.”
– G.D. Anderson

May 30 – June 6, 2019

1000 / week

   Max 12 people

  116 km 


  9 days/8 nights

Why will I be interested in the walk?

Sometimes we just need to go outside of our environment to analyze the way we react to it and to set our prioritize in a way that is aligned with our values, our desires, and visions.

Gender has always been an issue when we talk about leadership, power, external expectations, and especially in forming our own identity. What is femininity and how it is expressed day by day? In different contexts? What is the stigma that carries with it? And how this influences the way we interact and get in touch with our femininity and female energy?

We wanted to create a safe context where all these questions are answered and even beyond. We want to explore our emotional mechanism in standing our ground our as women, in reinforcing leadership and balancing all the roles we want to have in our lives.

To create a more conscious approach towards our life and expression of femininity in all areas of our lives: professional, family, health, spirituality, social.

Walking while being coached and guided through your thinking and emotional process synchronizes the behavioural change and creates long term impact.

For a deeper understanding of the why and information of the walk, watch video.

For whom is this walk?

For women who are overworked, who feel the need of a break, who want to reconnect with nature, with simple people, enjoy delicious food

Women who want a space to rethink their priorities, their focus in life, in business, in their health, in whatever area they need some guidance.

Women who want to understand themselves better, their triggers, their emotional reactions, their habits and to implement the change they want it

Women who just need some time off for regaining energy and strength for the next period

Women that are searching for an inspirational “tribe” (like minded people) to bounce ideas and gain perspective

Women that want to change their ways of interacting with reality and find their own expression.

If you identify yourself with any of the above, contact us.

What happens in Ultreia Camino program?

Before the walk

An online call with one of your coaches for mapping your needs our, identifying the area of reflection and any other questions that were left unanswered

May 30th:

Arriving in Sarria by 19.00, where we will have a group dinner

May 31st:

First day of group coaching and starting the walk, with a 22 km until Portomarin

June 1st:

Rest and Coaching Day- Stopping in Portomarin for the day where we will have group and individual coaching exercises

June 2nd-4th:

Continuing the walk and every day we will walk between 18 and 23 km until reaching the destination 

June 5th:

reaching Santiago de Compostela and having a celebration group dinner

June 6th:

End of walk and departure

Every morning, during breakfast we have small questions for setting different intentions for the walk. Every evening, during dinner we have a sharing round where everyone has the chance to share their experience and thoughts.

During the walk, you have the option to choose different reflection exercises that will guide your thoughts and actions towards your goal. Also, everyone walks at their own pace, therefore you chose if you want to walk with someone, or alone, when you want to stop or continue.

Everything is optional and under your own control.
For a more detailed schedule and routes contact us.

After the walk

A follow-up call with the entire group for reviewing the actions steps and behaviour changes. 

How about the food on the Camino?

On the Camino we will find the so called “Peregrino menu”, which is a 3 course meal aimed to fill you up with energy, therefore heavy in carbohydrates (potatoes and meat) and some vegetables. So this your chance to try it out!

We also have the option for vegetarian dishes, though within certain limits. That is why it is better for us to know your dietary needs beforehand.

Where will we stay?

We will all stay in “albergues”, which are hostels along the way.

The room distribution will vary according to the village, but sharing rooms will be part of the adventure. Every albergue is equipped with kitchen, laundry room, washing machines and products. We will need to bring our own towel and hygiene kit.

On the left are the albergues we will stay at in order:

  1. Sarria Albergue O’durmiendo
  2. Portomarin albergue Pasiño a Pasiño
  3. Palas del Rei albergue San Marcos
  4. Ribadiso albergue Milpies
  5. O’Pino Arca albergue Edreira
  6. Santiago de Compostela albergue San Martin